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FREE 20min Workouts until May 27th

As I Spring into March, I know transformations take time, so its time to Spring into Action.


In February , I focused on intentionally choosing myself, by showing up every Mon, Wed & Fri at 6am to workout and show out, because I matter. I know that there are a lot of people depending on me. And if I don't take care of myself, I can't possibly show up wholeheartedly for them. By getting up early, I had more time for me, to plan & organize my day, and most importantly practice my own self-care practice. And a bonus feature was I had tons of energy for my loved ones and others. In addition, I had the pleasure of working with a group of women who were just as consistent in choosing themselves as well. As a result, I will be extending these workouts until the end of May. 


If we are truly to transform ourselves, we have to continue to be consistent. We need to now be intentional about taking ACTION in our lives. IT's TIME TO ACTIVATE, ACTIVATE, YESSSS ACTIVATE!!!


It's a new season, bringing new reasons, and possibly a NEW YOU! Whether you're starting or maintaining your fitness, Let's take a flight together, As One! Let's continue to start our mornings by focusing on how important it is to love ourselves by moving our bodies, so we can feel good about carrying out our daily routines. Let's take the necessary actions to bring our goals into fruition. Let's not simply think and talk about them, but ACTIVATE them through our actions.

All workouts will continue to take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am via Zoom until May 27th. Whether you're starting or maintaining your fitness, Join Me, As One! 

Much Love & In Flight, 


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