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What’s Available



Give yourself permission to finally choose YOU!

Step away from your laptop and come outside with me. It’s about that time you finally whine down.

Set aside 2 -3 hours to step away from the busyness of your life.

Close your laptop. 

Turn off your phone & find some solitude outdoors.

This moment is solely for YOU.

You worked for it and more than ever is deserving of it. 

Personalized guided hikes for individual or groups (maximum 25 people). All hikes are beginner or moderate levels, which can be tailored to group members' fitness levels. You will have the opportunity to experience the outdoors at a comfortable pace, focusing on your breath as you step towards beautiful scenic views. These views vary depending on location including waterfalls, lakes and streams; foliage, greenery, mountains and/or valleys. All hikes are 3 - 5 hours which feature a holistic approach incorporating a mindful mediation at highest peak, leaving you better than you arrived- both mentally and physically. 


Starting at $65/person.



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