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2022 Intentions & Daily Habits

Before we kick off our 2022 Goals & Intentions, please let us acknowledge how we survived 2021. Let’s take a moment to honor OURSELVES, RIGHT NOW!

As we think towards 2022, I encourage you to think about what and how you could make 2022 better. What will your year look like? What would you carry over and leave behind?

My intention is to carry over more consistency & discipline in achieving my goals. Whether those entail caring more for myself, hosting more group experiences through hiking, attending more events to raise awareness for more diversity in the outdoors, or training more clients- I’m going to be audacious in achieving these.

And I’m leaving behind the biggest culprit- FEAR. As a matter a fact, I’ve started to drive my decisions by what scares me. I know you’re saying WHATTTTTT!!.

PAUSE… Hear me out….

Sometimes I’m called to do certain things that may feel uncomfortable, not because physically it will hinder my growth process, but because I’m having this ridiculous dialogue in my head about the what if’s, the could’ves and should’ves. This chatter is driven by my fear. So going forward, anytime I’m have this type of dialogue, its then time for me take action- and follow through on suppressing my fears- by making it happen.

2022 is a YEAR OF ACTION.

Be mindful that your goals can be halted if you are without daily habits. What we do daily can determine how our goals come about. Daily habits assist us in being consistent and having the discipline to drive us towards are goals.

My top five are:

1. Making my Bed

2. Prayer & Meditation

3. Reflect on what is going right- my blessings

4. Creating three affirmations to set the tone for my day

5. Moving my body

Here is a great article on some more examples of Daily Habits.

I would be remiss if I didn’t outline what my specific intentions are through the three pillars of AS ONE FLIGHT: Self-care, Nature, and Fitness.


  • I will be listening and loving myself more.

  • I will be doing more of what brings me more peace and joy, even when its unpopular.

  • I will be minding my business faithfully and focusing on becoming the GREATEST VERSION of myself, so that I sere others wholeheartedly,

It is only through taking care of ourselves FIRST, that we can pour wholeheartedly into others. It is extremely important more than ever, for us to take the time for ourselves. As trendy as the topic is, self-care requires you to be true to who you are- the good, bad and indifferent. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it could be closing your eyes for five minutes to connect with your breath, drinking your favorite tea, going for a ten minute walk, or getting in your car to drive absolutely nowhere.

Whatever brings your joy and peace- DO MORE OF IT! (Read that again)


  • I will be getting outside more.

Don’t sleep on being outdoors in nature and open spaces. There is peace, compassion, and kindness here. You’d be surprised how rejuvenating walking around the block is, when you’re feeling high strung, would do for you. I’m trying to soak up all I can in God’s glory.


  • I will be moving more. I want to be in the best shape of my life- so said, so be, and it will be done.

It’s important for us to move our bodies, to get the blood flowing, especially when we don’t feel like. It doesn’t have to be a structured workout; it can simply be turning on some music and vibing out, running, hiking, or a simply a leisurely stroll. Whatever you do, do it for at least 15min, your body will thank you later.

I hope too that your fears drive you directly to step outside of your comfort zone, for only then your wildest dreams can ever come true.

I encourage you to define life on your terms.

To take care of yourself first.

Especially when its unpopular.

You must fill yourself up daily.

Take up space. ALL the Space.

Choose you over and over again, and AGAIN.

Get into creating daily habits that propel you forward. Remember you don’t have to have it all figured out. Just find ways to take action wherever you are.

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